So how exactly does a niche Order operate?

Limit Order

A restriction order permits you to set the minimum or maximum price at which you want to purchase and sell currency. This allows you to make the most of rate fluctuations beyond trading hours and hold out for the desired rate.

Limit Orders are best for clients who have another payment to produce but who still need time to acquire a better exchange rate compared to the current spot price ahead of the payment should be settled.

N.B. when locating a different types of stock orders there exists a contractual obligation that you can honour the agreement while we are capable to book with the rate you have specified.
Stop Order

An end order lets you attempt a ‘worst case scenario’ and protect your bottom line if your market was to move against you. You are able to generate a limit order which will be automatically triggered in the event the market breaches your stop price and Indigo will get your currency with this price to ensure that you don’t encounter a much worse exchange rate when you need to make your payment.

The stop allows you to make the most of your extended time period to purchase the currency hopefully in a higher rate and also protect you if the market ended up being go against you.

N.B. when putting a Stop order there is a contractual obligation that you should honour the agreement as able to book the pace your stop order price.
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