So how exactly does an industry Order function?

Limit Order

A limit order allows you to set the minimum or maximum price at which you would like to sell or buy currency. This enables you to take advantage of rate fluctuations beyond trading hours and wait on your desired rate.

Limit Orders are fantastic for clients who’ve the next payment to make but who have time and energy to acquire a better exchange rate than the current spot price before the payment should be settled.

N.B. when placing difference between limit and market order there is a contractual obligation that you should honour the agreement while we are in a position to book with the rate that you’ve specified.
Stop Order

A stop order enables you to chance a ‘worst case scenario’ and protect your important thing in the event the market ended up being move against you. It is possible to set up a limit order that will be automatically triggered if your market breaches your stop price and Indigo will purchase currency only at that price to actually do not encounter an even worse exchange rate when you need to generate your payment.

The stop permits you to benefit from your extended time frame to acquire the currency hopefully with a higher rate but additionally protect you when the market would have been to opposed to you.

N.B. when locating a Stop order there exists a contractual obligation that you can honour the agreement when we’re capable to book the interest rate at your stop order price.
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