Kentucky Fried Chicken Changes to KFC

The storyline about why Kentucky Fried Chicken, founded by Harland Sanders, changes it name to KFC is to take away the word “fried” in it’s name. The word “fried” has negative connatations like being unhealthy, having high cholesterol levels, causing obesity and others. Therefore, being an effort to rebrand themselves as a healthier family restaurant that catches the eye of people of all ages, including health-conscious people, Kentucky Fried Chicken renamed itself as KFC.

Version Two: America food and drug administration reviewed the operations of Kentucky Fried Chicken and located out your these are rearing genetically modified chickens, with extra huge breasts and further legs to reap the meat from(the quantity is different from 3 to 4). America food declares these creatures is not marketed as “chickens” and Kentucky Fried Chicken, unwilling to lose a real lucrative operation to check out the policies, made a decision to change its name to KFC instead to get rid of the term “chicken”.

The reality is that Kentucky Fried Chicken decides to change its name is to not pay license fees towards the state of Kentucky. In 1990, ky decides to trademark their name, so that you can reduce their accumulating debts. Consequently, Kentucky Fried Chicken be forced to pay an amount of cash for the state for implementing “Kentucky”.

Obviously, these are often unwilling to simply because they have been utilizing it for nearly 4 decades(they started in the 1950s) and refused to pay for such royalties as a matter of principle. After much negotiations, these were can not budge government entities stance thereby thought we would change their name instead of paying. This coincides with the rebranding campaign as stated earlier and everything been found well.

Evidence that implies this version applies is that many events and businesses had also changed their name to reduce the phrase “Kentucky”. The examples add some most well-known horse race in America, formerly known as the “Kentucky Derby” changes to “The run to the roses”, the provider of seeds and nursery outfits “Kentucky Bluegrass” changes to “Shenandoah Bluegrass” along with the song “Kentucky Woman” by Neil Diamond was dropped from the air at his or her own request while he would lose more money for paying the condition of Kentucky royally when compared with he receive from the station.

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