1. Software

Written throughout the feedback kind on the site or on the phone. The administrator specifies what sort of staircase you are considering, its proportions and experiencing resources. Feasible leaving of the measurer to the subject.

2. Putting your signature on the contract

It explained each of the terms and stages of employment, there are actually sketches and strategies to the construction of your stairs.

In fact job has been finished in complete conformity with all the contractual commitments, the consumer pays the whole expense. It should be documented that right after the putting your signature on of the agreement during this process of work, the cost is certain to never transform, irrespective of the cost dynamics. According to the project of each – only after planning they begin to lay the foundation and implement, to begin with, an individual drawing is drawn up.

3. Formwork

Professionals pick the right type of formwork for every get. It would have geometric styles that provide strength and quality. The monolithic frame, erected by experts, will guarantee the durability and reliability in the done staircase.

4. Metallic framework

We reinforce stairs with wire or metal fine mesh. This may protect the dwelling from exploitation after it is put through weighty loads.

5. Pouring definite

Our team uses high quality companies that can be used as an extended services existence.

6. Delivery service of your subject

After the concrete has hardened, we feature out more completing and give the item to the buyer.


Concrete stairs have high durability and reliability.

They are not afraid of the influence of outside aspects, for that reason they are often mounted outside and inside the room.

Created for higher plenty.

Stairs are certainly not afraid of seismicactivity and humidity, temperature declines.

We produce ergonomic ladders that are cozy for both the elderly and youngsters.

Strolling in the stairs is not going to generate any extra appears to be, vibrations or squeak.

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